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PECHE GROS MARTINIQUE BOUCANIERS BOATING - Sport fishing, Big game fishing, la pêche au gros en Martinique - L'équipage - The crew

Antoine RAGOT - Capitaine
Damien MONPLAISIR - Matelot

Portrait of ANTOINE RAGOT, Captain of Black Pearl

I am 41 years old, I come from Carbet, I made my Maritimes studies in Martinique with Trinité.

On Black Pearl, I am responsible for the order on board safety of the people and the ship at the time of our exits and with quay with the assistance of the sailor of mechanical and cosmetic maintenance of the unit of the ship.

Characteristics of Black Pearl:
it is about a ship of sport fishing equipped very well.
- Cest Bertram who has in this field more than 50 years of experience and research.

Sport fishing is enthralling, it is really a combat and until the last moment the fish has its chance (it is often noted, it is the play), but it is also a yacht for exits at the week or more (cruisings), with top-of-the-range interior equipment, like strong point its behavior at sea and its speed, all the islands not being but at a few hours in largest of comforts.

I worked on various very beautiful units always for owners. The last sailing ATAO of 25m between the Mediterranean and the Antilles.

I like my trade, to meet the people, to make them share my passion of the sea with Black Pearl.

ANTOINE RAGOT Skipper Captain 500UMS onfortables.

Damien MONPLAISIR, Sailor on Black Pearl since 5 years

Damien Monplaisir has an atypical profile, since he is at the same time sailor but also shareholder of Boating Buccaneers. However of very discrete nature, this impassioned fishing since always, is omnipresent on the boat. Its mission however resides in these some key words: to make sure that your fishing party occurs in full safety.

It practices several types of fishing: the toraine, the fig, the spinning and fish it with the fly.

Damien already fished in practically all the islands of the Caribbean one! De Trinidad to the Bahamas!

It is also him who deals with the service on board.

You will have understood it, Damien is general-purpose!