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PECHE GROS MARTINIQUE BOUCANIERS BOATING - Sport fishing, Big game fishing, la pêche au gros en Martinique - Croisières à la carte - Cruises A la Carte

Discover the most beautiful Caribbean anchorages aboard the powerful Black Pearl! The Caribbean archipelago offers innumerable cruise possibilities: from the Grenadines in the south, to the Virgin Islands in the north. Come sail island to island in the Archipelago or discover the wonderful islands of Dominica, Saint-Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda.

Although the Virgin Islands and the Grenadines are considered the most beautiful ones of the caribbean sailing zone, the French West Indies have many more treasures to offer to pleasure seekers.

The Guadeloupe archipelago, the islands surrounded by beautiful water, affords island hopping sails among other activities such as the discovery of the Saintes Bay, one of the wonders of the Caribbean.

Martinique offers a very large number of well sheltered ports; also the proximity of Saint-Lucia is an additional asset. The stretched white sand beaches and the coral reefs of Barbuda will delight the nature and scuba diving enthusiasts. Last, Antigua, the Caribbean capital of yachting, will enchant connoisseurs of beautiful boats.

Boucaniers Boating offers you a large choice of caribbean a la carte cruises, half-day at the day, to make you discover the joys of the pleasure sailing in Martinique.

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