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PECHE GROS MARTINIQUE BOUCANIERS BOATING - Sport fishing, Big game fishing, la pêche au gros en Martinique - La passion de la pêche - The passion of fishing

Sport fishing (great and small drag), fishing to be supported with soft foods at the bottom or on the surface, to anchor or derive. These techniques of fishing are addressed all to the fishermen, even initial, and water of Caribbean lends itself to it marvelously well.

The Antilles are very known for fishing with large excellent of large the marlins blue. The Caribbean sea holds a great maritime biological diversity, large the marlins blue visit the Azores during the summer months. Martinique is a destination for large fishing marlins! The season starts towards the end of June and normally finishes at the end of September. During this time the temperature is pleasant and the sea is calm. The marlins remain much longer but, the first storm of the autumn limits the exits of fishing.

The beginning of the season is characterized by the appearance of large the marlins, it acts of large females with a weight exceeding the 750 pounds, towards the end of July of more “small” the marlins are found, these fish weigh 500 pounds. On average the weight of the caught blue marlins is 550 pounds.

Fishing follows the standards IGFA, fishing proceeds by normally using 4 canes of fishing to the drag. The lures more the drags are Moldcrafts and Black Barts. Bathymetry around Martinique hold of large benches emerging of the maritime funds. The coast of north offers also an excellent fishing for the marlins. The captain decides each day which bench offers the best potential of fishing by observing the current conditions.

Primary fishing is those of large the marlins blue. Other fish attending water are the white marlins and the sea-breams dolphin fishes.
The dolphin fishes are often with the lower part of the floating matters on the open sea. Towards the end of season, there is the possibility that the large tunas make their appearance saisonnale, unfortunately their appearance is irregular.